About SCT

Welcome to Stockholm City Triathlon
Stockholm City Triathlon was founded in 1996 and is now the largest triathlon club in Sweden with approximately 400 members. Our members range from casual triathletes to elite, all members train on their own level and in line with individual ability and ambition.

As a member of SCT you get several opportunities each week to common training sessions, in all three disciplines; swim-bike-run, indoors or outdoors depending on the season. As a club we focus on quantity as well as quality and we have a strong focus on the spirit of togetherness within the club. Check out our current training schedule.

We also offer activities apart from scheduled training. For example a number of test days per year at Bosön (Lidingö) where we make a Cooper test (run speed test, 3 km on the 200 m indoor track), have clinics and listen to inspiring lectures.

The membership fee 2024 is 2200 SEK for 12 months (jan-dec) and includes all scheduled training. An autumn membership (sep-dec) is also available for 1250 SEK.

If you want more information about Stockholm City Triathlon, please contact us via info@sct.nu.