We welcome everyone to Stockholm City Triathlon!
Everyone, regardless of ambition, ability and background is welcome to train with us. The only important critiria is that you believe triathlon sounds to be fun and that you would like to contribute to a great team spirit in the club.

Stockholm City Triathlon is an active club with lots of common training sessions year around, and social activities. We are a non profit association, and that means that we as members have to contribute to make everything work out. Part of this mean that you as a member is expected to volunteer on some of our club championships or major competions in Stockholm. 

Becoming a member
SCT has a yearly membership, from January through December, and an autumn membership from September through December. All regularar training sessions are included in the membership, including test days on Bosön with inspiring lectures and our club championships, etc. See our current training schedule.

You don't need to speak Swedish to be a member of SCT. In fact, several of our coaches don't speak Swedish or prefer English. With that said, some information may be communicated primarly in Swedish so please ask if there is anything that is unclear.

A couple of times per year we host a meeting for new members, were we describe the benefits of being a member in SCT, the basics of triathlon and some mingling with fellow SCT members. 

Membership fees 2024
January - December, 2200 SEK
September - December, 1250 SEK

SCT is a large triathlon club with a lot of members, and new faces can be hard to recognize. But we really wish to make you feel welcome into our club! To help us with this, please contact us at when you join our club, and tell the trainer that you are a new member when you arrive to your first session and they will make their best effort to help you feel welcome.

Sign up as a member
To become a member in SCT your first step is to create an account here on our webpage with your personal details. The second step is to book the membership activity. You will receive a welcoming letter with some information and an invoice for the membership fee. (Please note that you are asked to enter a Swedish id number. If you don't have one you can simply create a fictive number at

Follow us on social media
A lot of the discussion and annoncement within the club happens in our members-only Facebook group. We also have a public Facebook page that you don't need to be a member to follow, as well as an Instagram account.

Very welcome to SCT!