Questions and Answers

  • Can I try out any sessions before I become a member?
    Yes, we welcome everyone to try out our sessions. Please contact us at beforehand, and also tell the trainer on site when you appear so that we can assist you the most.
    The morning swim sessions are without a coach and therefore not suitable as try out sessions.
  • I will visit Stockholm for a short period of time, are there any training sessions I can participate in?
    Yes, please contact us at and we will try to work something out.
  • Are there any shorter memberships?
    We have a discounted autumn membership (September - December) besides the normal annual (January - December) membership. We are unfortunately unable to administrate any other membership periods.
  • Do I need to pre-register for the training sessions?
    You will need to pre-register for the indoor cycling sessions to ensure that everyone gets a bike. For the swimming session and outdoor sessions you can just drop-in.
  • How do I cancel a registration for an activity?
    Login to your account and navigate to the page "Mitt konto" → "Start" → "Aktiviteter". Click on the red text "Avboka" below the activity you want to de-register from.
  • What is the training plan for the next session? Where do we meet? Who is leading the session? How far and fast will it be?
    The active trainer will post details about the next session a couple of days in advance in our closed Facebook group. Please feel free to join the conversation there once you have become a member.
    You can also check out our training schedule for the general plan and the available sessions.
  • Do I need a separate admission card for Eriksdalsbadet and Friskis&Svettis?
    No, all our ordinary training sessions are included in the membership fee.
    The first time you visit Eriksdalsbadet you will need to collect an admission card from the reception. Log in to your membership page and show the reception your digital membership card. The admission card for Eriksdalsbadet is valid during our scheduled swimming sessions.
    For the indoor sessions at Friskis&Svettis, you just need to tell the reception that you are training with Stockholm City Triathlon.
  • What prerequisites are required for training with SCT?
    Everyone can take part of SCT's workouts! You do not need any special prerequisites.
    We recommend that you can swim 200m freestyle to get maximum benefits from our swimming sessions.
  • What equipment is needed to train with SCT?
    As we train for three different diciplines, both indoors and outdoors, the equipment will vary depending on the training session. For the indoor swimming you will need some swim clothes and a pair of googles. We have a box with other "toys" that can be borrowed at the pool. For the outdoor swimming we highly recommend a wetsuit and a pair of googles. For the indoor cycling, we recommend a pair of cycling shoes with SPD cleats, but any shoes will work. A water bottle and a small towel is also recommended. For the outside cycling, a bike and a helmet is required. For the running sessions, a pair of running shoes and running clothes depending on the weather. Water bottles, nutrition, a lock for the locker rooms and a towel may be needed depending on the session. A lot of people bring more equipment, but the important thing is not to have the "right" equipment but to have fun training together.
  • Are there beginners courses in swimming?
    We do not offer any swimming courses, but the swimming sessions include both technique, strength and stamina so you will benefit a lot from each workout. We divide ourselves into different lanes, tailored to speed, from beginner to elite.
  • Is there any youth activity?
    No, we do not currently offer any youth activities. You should be 18 years of age to become a member and be able to train without a parent.
  • Where do the trainings take place?
    SCT has its hearth in the central of Stockholm.
    During the autumn/winter/spring seasons we swim at Eriksdalsbadet, have indoor cycling and running sessions at Friskis&Svettis Kungsholmen and Sveavägen.
    During the summer we are swimming outdoors in Sicklasjön and Hellasgården, run intervals at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium or trail running in Nackareservatet. Cycle intervals on Lovön and longer trips to Årsta Havsbad / Torö / Ekerö / Strängnäs / Uppsala.
    Details about the upcoming sessions are posted in our closed Facebook group a couple of days in advance.
  • How does the competition license work? How do you show that you are a member of a triathlon club at e.g. IronMan competitions?
    The competition license is not included in the membership fee. You register for a competition license yourself on the Swedish Triathlon Federation website and select that you are a member of SCT, then show it at check in at the competition. The competition license includes an insurence that is valid both during competitions and training that is highly recommended. It is also an advantage to wear SCT club clothes at competitions so that other clubmates will recognize you and cheer you on.
  • Do I have to be able to speak swedish to participate in trainings?
    No, we have many members (and also trainers) that don't speak swedish. Please ask if there is something that you don't understand and we will be happy to assist you.
  • I have been billed but do not want to be a member anymore. Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you have a right of withdrawal for 14 days. Contact us at